Message from a A&T fan

Just wanted to tell you guys that I had a great time yesterday watching the hard-fought battle between our two schools in Halton Arena.

That was an exciting environment for a women’s basketball game.

Thought we were going to cruise to another easy win in the second half, but then your girls showed some true heart by embarking on that comeback. Both squads left it out on the floor and both coaches really made some nice adjustments.

I had the pleasure of sitting behind one elderly UNCC fan, right behind the 49ers bench, and she keep calling the refs “dirt bags”. It was hilarious.

But really, you guys have nothing to be ashamed of. Your facility is top notch, your team is great, and your pep band even came with it.

I just hope we can continue this series in the future and maybe you guys can come up to the Dawg Pound once or twice.

Congrats on the victory. Good luck in Miami.

I’m not sure how many of our fans are going to be able to make it down to Miami on such short notice. As you know, having a strong fan presence really helped us out in our first two road games.

Congrats again on a great season.

Congratulations on the victory, bornthrilla. Wish our fanbase could come to the Corbett Center and see what pride in a program is. You brought it yesterday (as I knew you would).

Good luck in Miami!

Don’t be too hard on your fans.

They were knowledgeable and loud yesterday. They played a big part in helping your team embark on that 8-0 run late in the game.

There was a lot of electricity in the building yesterday. Great atmosphere for a college basketball game.

The ones who were in attendance were good. The first two rows of section 104 (midcourt) were great as usual. Your crowd did something I thought I’d never see, turn Halton Arena into Corbett South. The Aggie fans should be proud of that. We did that once too at Littlejohn, seems so long ago now.

hopefully we can renew the series between our men’s teams. how are your men looking next season. how are your recruits looking? im from greensboro so im gonna have to come check out a game next season.

I don’t see how any team wins at the Dawg Pound over there. The atmosphere there is top notch…no one ever wants to foul out there.

Good luck in the tourney.

Just as promised in another thread Aggie Nation showed up. Great game between two evenly matched teams. ;D

My goddaughter played under Meir so I’m no stranger to attending 49er womens games. I would love to see these teams continue to play.

Good news. I just learned from a good source that Charlotte is indeed scheduled to come to the Dawg Pound next season.

Originally, both teams agreed on a home-and-home deal two years ago, but the second game got delayed this year because we were chosen to participate in the preseason WNIT.

The final contract has not yet been inked, but right now Charlotte is scheduled to come to Greensboro next November.

See you guys then.

BTW: here is our A&T fan site, for future reference:

While I am a Niner, I spent 3 semesters and 2 summers at A. & T. before transferring to Charlotte. I’ve always had little touch of Aggie Pride. As a Greensboro residence, I couldn’t be happier that the basketball team is heading to Greensboro next year. I will put that game on the board. Best of luck to the Aggies in Florida

Here are some photos of the game yesterday:

do you mean the men’s team is going to greensboro next season or the women’s? if its the men then i will definitly make the trip home to see that.

Nah, the Charlotte women are scheduled to come to Greensboro next season as the second part of the home-and-home series.

More pics from the Charlotte vs. A&T game:

[quote=“Hooner49, post:8, topic:22841”]I don’t see how any team wins at the Dawg Pound over there. The atmosphere there is top notch…no one ever wants to foul out there.

Good luck in the tourney.[/quote]

Fouling Out…A&T Style

Crowd goes crazy when player fouls out



Did you happen to take any photos at this game? :smiley: