MIA-Withers Offense

Its half time, and I have to call my boy out again…Missing dunks again? I dont remember him doing that at all last year…Man, he’s gotta wake up! Pro scouts have definitely LEFT the building…He needs to carry us, here’s to a big 2nd half.

PS, Leemire might be ‘little Demon’, but seems to be a ‘winner’ version.

Those pro scouts may be hanging around to watch Iti. It sounds like he may be having his best game of the season. I hope his good play continues.

And Lemire plays better D than Demon did his first year.

Your right about Leemire. Listening to the first half all i here the anouncer say is “Goldwire up for the 3, good again” He has banked 2 off the glass.
He now has 15 points, gunna be a stud.

Iti with 18 points an 10 rebounds, great.

We are up by 2 with 34.2 seconds as i type this.

We can do it.


He came alive in the second half!

It’s a good thing we hit those free throws down the stretch. If we could have done that in every game we would still be undefeated.

Goldwire scored a lot, but if he is such a good defender, why did their guards score so well, and where were his steals?

I am not a big fan of his yet, cause he is sort of a black hole; as many shots as passes, seems to me.

Hope he continues to shoot this well, but I expect he too will have his cold days, but still keep shooting it.
Time will tell.


[i]Originally posted by ziltz[/i]@Dec 29 2004, 01:06 AM [b] ....why did their guards score so well.......... [/b]
Plavich was also in the game.