Mid Major Madness early preview Charlotte


“Briscoe and Braswell teams top returning defenders” hmmmm very interesting :-X

From a points per possession allowed metric Briscoe and Braswell are the team’s top returning defenders, each holding opponents to less than 33% shooting and forcing turnovers more than 14% of the time.

Long article…I stopped reading when I looked at the graph and saw a shade for “Not returning”…then look down and see An’juan and Sir Charles each have a shade too.

Interesting read. Too bad they missed the fact that Dewhurst and Wilderness are gone this year. The article also didn’t really mention the miserable depth in the post with suspensions and injuries. That would help explain the ridiculously bad post defense.

For next year, I hope that Braswell and Sherrill can improve their post game. I’d also like to see Green and Briscoe with fewer turnovers, and Green not force it so often.


The incoming recruiting class features five players with all four freshman entering the program ranked in the top 70 at their position nationally - a very strong group.

Add who ever this guy is to Major’s inner circle along with Telep and Goodman.