Mike Hill Interview WBTV



I saw that on the 5:00 pm sports and was impressed. He jumped on the question of changing conferences and made it plain he’s 100% in favor of a change.


Bout damn time we get leadership that’s not afraid to lead…set goals…and market those goals.

Where would we be with the same leadership in Phil’s spot?

Or better yet…where would we be with leadership like this a decade ago??


As far as athletics go if we have this leadership we wouldn’t have lost our place in line by not starting football. We would at minimum be in the AAC. I said for awhile the biggest indictment on Judy and those that supported wouldn’t be where we are but what the next person comes in an accomplishes. It’s an exciting time!


It really is. I love that’s he’s not shying away from using our former peer Louisville as an example of what we can accomplish instead trying to manage the expectations. I can’t wait to hear the next two segments.


CHP was probably crying when Hill said Louisville as an example.


Hill needs to keep doing these type of things. A college AD needs to be a “hype” man/woman making borderline outlandish statements that inspires the public to perceive the program in a greater way than the current reality.


I disagree…hype talk makes you look silly, especially when hype isnt met. Under promise, over deliver.


I think we’ve been using this philosophy for years…“best kept secret in Charlotte”…without any success. I kinda like the new found bravado. Nothing wrong with …and I actually I prefer…someone that has enough faith in their abilities and putting some aggressive goals out there for everyone to see/hear. Best way to hold yourself accountable is to make sure everyone knows your goals.

I like it.


Agreed, it’s refreshing compared to the old regime. Pushes accountability.


ECU hyped joining the AAC for years and then they made it happen. Hype like we are winning BCS next year is stupid. Hype like we need to win CUSA and keep App out the stadium - I like it.

We were the definition of anti hype - “Everyone’s homecoming” “Expand stadium after I die” - that crap has stopped thankfully.


Winning BCS lol. Glory days!


Part 2 (Football)


Mike Hill has been here for 3 months and we have local news stations running stories about us possibly joining the ACC.


The issue isn’t what we were saying, the issue was that we were doing nothing to get better.


Well said; agreed. Especially in our situation. We need to throw out some big goals and work hard to meet them. Small achievable goals where no one cares if you meet them don’t really help us or our perception.

Finish top-half of CUSA might be more achievable but no one would care. Go 11-1 is a helluva lot harder but would make some noise. Plus, in shooting for 11-1 we might get to 9-3 or something and easily accomplish the smaller goal, anyway.


I don’t think Hill is saying we are going to the ACC or SEC, but he is saying there should be no reason why we can’t make that leap. I think there is a big difference in him setting goals versus him saying these things are possible here at Charlotte. He is selling the program like it hasn’t been done before at least in the two decades since I have been a niner.


clt says don’t settle for acc. Sec or bust.


Final part in the series that talks about basketball:


I am not sure any woman in a CEO position can get away with wearing golf shirts and warmups on TV interviews, but I sure like seeing Mike sporting Niner gear every time I see him.