Mike Pratt has passed away

Served as an assistant under Lee Rose then succeeded him when Rose left for Purdue. Had been battling cancer.

Sad to hear. I hated and disagreed when he was fired here.

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Around 1986 I had the luck of sitting beside Mike on a flight out of Atlanta. As everyone has mentioned he came across as kind , charming, and forth coming about his time at Charlotte. Said his only regret was striking out on several high major recruits that would have changed everything . Wissel was a disaster!!


For those who subscribe to The Athletic, good piece on Pratt:

Well, the o had an AP blurb about coach’s passing. The small article said NOTHING about his coaching here. And there’s been no other article in the o even mentioning this or his having coached here. Sad but expected.

I disagree! Sad and completely unacceptable! Mike was a splendid man. Great assistant to Lee and that, alone, should have cemented his legacy in Charlotte.
I recently came across the “formal” picture of his first (?) team. Autographs very faded but you can make them out. I’ve just moved but if I can ever find it again, I’d be happy to pass it on if anybody is interested.

Tried hard to recruit really good players here and got shut out. Really got screwed when he went to sign Larry Anderson who suddenly changed his mind and went to UNLV. Seemed to be a class guy.

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