Missy49ers 28th Birthday Bash-O-Rama and retrospective

Well she is one of our 4 hot chick posters so you better recognize.

She’s 28 today, only 2 years from 30, bummer…

Please share some of your favorite Missy49er stories…

Happy Birthday to the best beer cart girl ever!!!


Ok, so I was on here one night, right, and that jackass Ktown was here too spitting out “the truth rev.” this and “the truth rev.” that, and I had just got finished rightfully calling him a jackass when, and I think it was Jimmy, noticed that Missy49er was on.

Well, “Ktown being Ktown” tried to shout w/ her and kept saying “Hey Missy, what’s up w/ you” and “Hey, I’m wearing a BANANA HAMMOCk”…the usual. And you know what she said?? This is the best part, oh THIS IS BEAUTIFUL She said…

(I’ll be back to finish the story later, gots to get my grubs on…)

You guys are funny.

Thanks Jimmy!

Hell 30 isn’t bad at all…as a matter of fact…neither is 40…at least from what I remember it…hell I was in Jamaica for that one! Happy birthday YOUNG lady!