Modern Warfare 2 therapy.

So I’m pissed off. Well, not so much as pissed off as I am frustrated… and I’m sure I’m not alone.

So, I propose this for those of us with MW2 and Xbox Live: rather than dwell on it, let’s meet up for a private match and just shoot the living shit out of each other. The only rule is that no serious basketball discussion is allowed.

I’m thinking around 11? Add me (lewbert1014) and anybody that is online from my NNN friends list will get the invite.

I’m down.

ill be there

Im there… ninercha

I’ll join in next loss, which is hopefully never.

I’m on. Lew, just sent you a friend request

I’m going to be delayed around fifteen minutes. Ladyfriend wants to finish her movie.

I am in no position to argue, seeing as I spend four hours of video games to every hour she spends watching something.

Word…that’ll give me time to pwn a noob in Fifa real quick.