More Marquette Transfers

D Mason announced that he will be transferring.

Not that anyone cares about ex-CUSA schools.

We’ll take him. Seems like they have some problems if their best returning player is leaving, even though they are heading to high profile Big East. They have NO CHANCE to make the NCAA tourney for many years to come…is my prediction.

Although the loss of Dwayne Wade after MU’s Final Four run in 2003 did hurt, transfers have hurt the Golden Eagles even more. Most notably was the defection of Odartey Blankson to UNLV, but the others haven’t helped as well. Crean has a great recruiting class coming in, but he’s going to be relying on freshmen during MU’s inaugural season in the BIG EAST (don’t forget, all caps! :rolleyes: ) and that could spell disaster. Thank goodness for South Florida! :lol:

Yeah, I have many MU friends and everyone is wondering why Crean keeps running people off. They also agree that MU has no chance of NCAA next year and if the frosh class isn’t special, Crean could be gone in a couple of years.

[i]Originally posted by NinerUpNorth[/i]@Apr 20 2005, 12:32 PM [b] Crean could be gone in a couple of years. [/b]
Coastal or FAU should have an opening by then. :D

The Illinois job looks good to him now I suppose. MU is in for some rough days ahead.

Just read the story in the Milwaukee newspaper about Mason’s leaving. Guess it can’t be about PT since he led the team in minutes per game, as well as shots per game and turnovers. Says he’s looking at Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Missouri, Oklahoma State, and Ohio State.

BTW, this is really telling:

[b]It also leaves the Golden Eagles with no players from their five-man recruiting class of 2003-'04; James Matthews, Carlton Christian and Brandon Bell have also transferred since the start of that season.

Only Marcus Jackson - a junior-college transfer - completed his eligibility at MU from that group.[/b]

Link: Mason intends to leave Marquette

All in all, that makes 10 transfers, including 9 recruited by Crean. Ouch! :o

I don’t know the kid at all - and can’t remember any of his efforts – but he seems a little ‘whiny’ in the article above…‘if I can’t be happy all the time’…

I don’t mean to beat up on Marquette but everything is great when you’re winning. Remember how they were all one big happy family during their final four run. Their famous visit to the Superdome during the season…to show them what they’re shooting for, Crean being the hot coach, all the stories. 2 years of not making the tournament and all hell breaks lose.

I suspect Mason is just frustrated with coming on board following the Final Four team of 2003 and having nothing to show for it but a couple of NIT one-and-dones! If Odartey Blankson stays at Marquette, then they would have been dancing again in 2004. Still, they probably should have anyway. It’s not like there isn’t any talent on that team. Diener’s injuries this season certainly played havoc, but so did the inconsistency of Mason and Steve Novak. And I’m still trying to figure out how MU lost to Arizona AT home this past season with Salim Stoudamire sitting on the bench in Lute Olson’s doghouse! Hmmm…