More PT for Rodney?

Voshon lenard is out for the year. Rodney and Greg Buckner will both see increased minutes. Hopefully, RW will shoot better than he did last night.

Lenard Tears Achilles

Rodney and DeMarr Johnson will compete for some minutes at the 2. DeMarr seems to be back healthy and had a great preseason.

It doens’t seem like Rodney can get a break.

The Coach likes Buckner because of his defense and he will probably see the court a lot.

The Nuggs will also go small a lot with Miller and Boykins in the backcourt together.

Watched some of the game last night and all they could talk about was the fact that Rodney shoots EVERY TIME HE GETS THE BALL. I don’t know if it’s because he knows he’s getting limited minutes, but Rodney, easy big fellow!!

Mispost, nothing to see here.

He will be fine. Rod will not start but he will get alot more minutes this year,with Vom out. Expect him to see 20+ minutes a night

I watched some of the game also, it was a horrible game to watch, the Nuggets can’t shoot.

How many minutes did he play?

[b]How many minutes did he play? [/b]

Only 10. Lenard played 24. If he can get at least 8-12 of those minutes now that Lenard is gone that will give him around 20 per game. Hopefully he won’t press so much if he knows he’s going to be in the game longer.