Morrow scores 37

He was good in college but I didn’t think he was capable of this.

37 pts, 15-20 shooting, 4-5 from three and 11 rebounds in his first start for Golden State.

I saw him play in high school, dropped 27 on us. I didn’t even know he was in the NBA…but damn, those are some nasty numbers.

I saw that last week. He fits into that system well, but (obviously) I wouldn’t expect him to continue playing at that level.

yeah I was shocked when I saw this- the guy was good but nowhere near this level

I read an article where he said he doesn’t even shoot 15-20 in warm-ups a lot of the time. Sounds like he is atleast staying humble.

I wouldn’t expect that kind of output to be a regular thing from him, but if so, more power to him.

He had another good night. I was watching GS play and he was draining shots from all over. Hitting step back 3’s and everything… I agree never knew he would be in the NBA much less ballin. I think most guys that play in the NBA have the skills the main thing that seperates them is the mental side. Take Rodney for instance, all the skills in the world but he didnt wanna play defense. If u belive u belong there and have a coach that is willing to give u some rope then anything can happen.