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Please don’t ruin another amazing movie. At least Michael Mann is making it.

On top of all of the other awesome things about the first original movie, Christopher Nolan once said that The Dark Knight was inspired by Heat.

I wonder if this could be a movie version of the Heat novel he wrote recently. TTBOMK that novel covers events both before and after the movie.

Big fan of the first 2. Denzel takes on the Italian mafia in this one.

First two were excellent

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I haven’t been this excited about a movie in a long time.

Finally saw John Wick 4 the other day.

It got great reviews. I thought it was a good action flick but it wasn’t that much different than #3. The story is so paper thin, even for an action movie. The fight choreography was mostly repetitive from prior movies and OMG the kill count went beyond cool to exhausting.

All of that wasn’t that bad, but there were a couple of times of absolute ridiculousness. Falling from high places and just dusting himself off, the bulletproof suits, and my personal least favorite, the time he rolled down like 6 flights of stairs, defying physics.

I’d give it like 3.75/5 as a general movie. 4.25/5 as an action flick. There were a handful of chuckle laughs and the one top down scene where he was using the shotgun with the dragon’s breath ammo was pretty damn cool. It looked like a video game though

And that’s my biggest problem with the last 2 movies. The first one had a very tight story backed by some great action scenes that were not nearly as over the top. They’ve completely abandoned story and left physics and biology behind for these newer flicks.

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I hope there is some real meat to the production of the rest of the story. That trailer didn’t do much for me. I feel like they are holding so much back. We didn’t even get to see Christopher Walken as the Emperor (I still can’t picture how that’s going to work).

I think it’s gonna be a great movie, but the only real takeaways from that trailer were 1) gonna be a lot of Chani and Paul, 2) get to see Jessica take the WoL and what she looks like as the RM, and 3) Feyd Rautha is bald for some reason. Am I remembering wrong - isn’t he supposed to have dark hair?

I want grandiose visuals and a sense of scale somewhere between wonderment and outright intimidation. And I wanna see a better depiction of battles than Paul’s dreams from part 1. That skirmish didn’t seem worthy of a battle for control of the known universe.

margot robbie look GIF

She was awesome in I Tonya. Yes she is a great talent.

Agreed. I want to see some big set pieces in this one showing the progress of the battle for Dune.

Speaking of the Lynch version.

There really was some freaky shit in that movie. It sucked overall but I watch parts occasionally because there was some inventiveness.

Can anyone explain to me what the weirding modules were in that movie that got destroyed during the Harkonnen attack and why they were so important?

I’m still haunted by the scene where the Baron Harkonnen just pulls a plug out of one of his servants and the kid bleeds out. So sick.

I like the Lynch version because of the mood it set overall, and some pieces of it, including the score, were absolutely epic (Brian Eno? Toto? Are you kidding me?!).

If you’ve watched both, the story is barely any different, and in places shot for shot:

A bunch of cut footage was lost which would have filled in some of the blanks in the 84 version that did get covered in DV’s. It was supposedly destroyed in a fire, but there are some rough timestamp cuts of it on YouTube.

This is a full cut of the movie with as much of the lost footage as could be found edited back in (clocks in at just under 3 hours). It adds so much more context and detail back in (worth a watch if you’re a fan):

Some particular cut scenes:

The weirding modules that they made up for the Lynch version were the same things that Paul had the Fremen manufacture from the plans he gave them. They could turn sound into destructive force, which made the Fremen absolutely unstoppable in battle. They could set an enemy on fire, burst his organs, break the hardest stone, etc. I loved the scene where one of Paul’s Bloodguard accidentally says Mau’dib with his module still on… “My name is a killing word” Paul thinks afterward.

There is a ton of exposition including much of it internalized, because the studio jackasses told Lynch that he had to compress that entire story into just 2 hours. The same thing almost happened to Peter Jackson trying to make LoTR, til a genius at New Line saw that it really needed to be 3 movies and they also needed to be shot at the same time (greatest decision in the history of cinema IMHO. Also likely the ballsiest ever too). If Lynch had been able to stretch his version to 3+ hours he may have been able to deliver a proper adaptation.

I still liked it though. The exposition dumps did not bother me because I was too caught up in the fatalistic moodiness of the entire thing. I still think that sense of things was absolute genius, and it’s the one thing that Denis didn’t manage to fully capture in part 1 of his version. His Paul understands his fatalism but I don’t think the audience does.

Then there’s the “Disney ending” of Lynch’s version (not his choice): Paul as a savior figure. Anyone who gets that out of this story is either being misled (Lynch version) or is missing the point (books and Denis’ version).

Oh, and I wasn’t big on the Lynch horror stuff in his version. I thought that entire heartplug set piece with the Baron looked cheesy and out of place. Like it was from some campy low budget horror/gore flick. It was bad.

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Guardians was really good.


Thanks for the info and links.

You know your Dune!!!

I saw the Lynch version in the theater for my birthday with my dad and a couple of friends.

I’m just old.

Air was really good. Nostalgic and well made - definitely worth going to see.

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Trailer for openheimer before guardians was :fire:

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I hope I’m not the only one on the board that thought the first Meg was awesome. It was a perfect mid budget piece of popcorn entertainment and I loved it.

And this looks awesome.