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Meg was a guilty pleasure. It was dumb in all the right ways. :popcorn:

My son and I really enjoyed The Meg. Looking forward to the next one

Saw Air finally.

Solid flick. I’m not sure how truthful it is, but I don’t care. Enjoyed it.

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Extraction (1) was an awesome flick. The realistic kill count was crazy!!


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Is there a chance we might actually be able to have some fun at the movies again?

Guardians 3 was pretty good. I’m trying to figure out why. The story was flimsy, Adam warlock was utterly pointless… So many things were wrong with it, but I still kinda liked it. It was probably due to certain emotional plot points, and the soundtrack was absolutely killer.

Anyway, I’d give it a slight thumbs up. If you liked the first 2 you will probably like this one.

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Agree on Guardians. Just really like the characters and told my kids they hook the “old heads” with the music.

Who does not get emotional over a racoon??!!

Who saw Old Yeller? Who cried when Old Yeller got shot at the end? Nobody cried when Old Yeller got shot [raises his hand] I’m sure. I cried my eyes out.”

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No Hard Feelings was pretty good. Not going to win any awards, but funny enough and Jennifer Lawrence is :heart_eyes:

Good… I was hoping it was a stupid comedy in the classic fashion. Tired of all the culture war crap. I just wanna laugh. And that’s what it looked like.

Can’t wait to see it.

Have heard that Oppenheimer will absolutely floor you. And not in a happy way.


It reminded me a lot of the late 90s/early 00s comedies. Not overly raunchy but still R rated. Some of the funnier bits are in the trailer but there are plenty of other laughs. It also makes fun of our current culture (helicopter parents, influencers etc.) and has a classic rich vs. poor conflict without getting preachy.

My only regret was that I saw it in a theater with one other person and would love to see it in a packed house.

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This was interesting:

Corenswet’s maternal grandfather is Edward Packard, creator of the Choose Your Own Adventure book concept, and author of more than 50 books in that series

Read ALL of those as a kid.

Lois also announced.

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Hah I did too, loved those.

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