Moxley to be lead assistant at Mid. Tenneessee State

per Utter on twitter:

Former Char 49ers assoc head coach Rob Moxley will be named top asst at Middle Tenn State tomorrow

So is all our old staff employed now, except for Cheeks?

What is a Middle Tennessee State?

Wow…from Maryland to Mid Tennessee. Huge steps backward for Mox.

A definite step back. Wish him and his family the best.

Kudos to HP, who reported Moxley to MTSU last month in this thread: Kummer to App State?

Hopefully he can help transform the Blue Raiders into a top flight Sun Belt program.

Congrats and good luck!!!

please tell me you’re kidding… ::slight_smile:

More on the hire… Moxley joins MTSU’s staff Blue Raiders tab Moxley as assistant

that arena looks pretty full - but I would assume thats because they look like they are playing UT.