Mr. White

Looks like he will remain in Denver probably at a salary decrease,1413,3…2346367,00.html

From the Newark Star-Ledger:

[b][New York Knicks team president Isiah] Thomas also indicated he is still interested in G/F Rodney White, an unrestricted free agent, saying he would add to the Knicks’ athleticism.

“We’ll always want to try to upgrade,” Thomas said. “We want to get better and we don’t want to wait three years to do it. We’ll see if there are other pieces we can add.”[/b]

Link: Knicks re-sign Baker

Well hopefully he gets a multiyear deal and the next coach will actually play him. The GM apparently loves him, but the coach obviously doesn’t. Last I heard, all signs point to the coach not being resigned after this upcoming season. And if they hadn’t squeeked into the playoffs last year he probably wouldn’t even have made it back this year. Too bad it didn’t work out anywhere else, but he plays the wrong position in the NBA to try to get playing time at.