Hello all. We are still trying to do the jersey order organized by timelessefforts. This thing seems to have smmered out a bit over the months, but for those who really want jerseys(quality ones i might add), the time is now. The last Jersey thread got spread thin towards the end so I started this one, we’d like to try and move quickly on this one. Please respond if you are def down to get an authentic charlotte nike jersey. If so, we’d like to do this using paypal. Please put size and the number you would like, and let us know if you are a go to put money into pay pal. as always, go niners!

is the team going to wear the same jerseys next year?

I have no clue. Being a long time Niner fan, I don’t care too much if they have the same ones next year, i’ve just always wanted a hot quality niner jersey, and only till recently saw that we could do it through these orders. Even if we waited to see what kind they will have next year, they will prob change again the year after that. We can’t win lol. I like this years though, so I’m def fine with getting one of these.

I’m only down if I can get a green one. I already have a quality stitched white nike one.

So if we are doing both colors…


yeah, are you still planning on doing just white?

I am all for green. To be honest, i’ll take any color we all can get 12 on. I believe it was timeless that wanted white. Let me see if he would be cool for a green one.

I’m in. Green #21. Medium.

green order
timelessefforts-xl #15
dvsws-large L #23
greennpride1-M #31
niner89-L #21
chisox17-M #31
Nineralchemist-M #21
thats only six we need 5 more…

Im pretty sure 49orbust wanted one too

No they wont… the captain of the team gets to pick the style of jersey each year.


I’m in. Paypal works great.

XXXL Green (thuggin it up). Will pay for the extra fabric. Want Kelvin Price’s number, but I cannot remember it (help?)

EDIT: Number 21

we are up to 7…only 4 more

Count me in for a Green Medium #15. Mack daddy all the way

Sweet, only 3 more!

Price one more time??

how much are they?

Yeah! I want one. Green. # 11 of course. Medium. But im confused. How much are they? and how do we pay? cuz i dont have paypal.

They are $150.00. Keep in mind these are the exact ones the players wear. I’m excited to get one. If you don’t have pay pal, just log-on to their site and signup, it pretty easy to do.

we got nine…two more to go…