My bro opening a law practice in Charlotte, NC (South End)

Just wanted to let you guys know my brother is opening a law practice in Charlotte today. His main focuses are construction law, business law, real estate, estate planning, family law and criminal/traffic law. If you guys need a consult, look him up.

For more information:
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A month ago, I would have for real estate matters since my HOA is suing the developer. We already have a lawyer now though. If we part ways with the current lawyer, I’ll give your bro a shout.

Everybody sue a realtor to give his brother business. LOL.
But seriously, good luck to your brother.

Thanks guys! I’ll tell him to give you guys a 49er discount :slight_smile:

Maybe if I ever decide to come back to NC to practice I’ll give him a shout. Best of luck to him!