Myrtle Beach Bowl 2020

New bowl coming within easy driving distance from Charlotte.


You’d have to imagine we’d be their top CUSA target followed by ODU.


This is my dream to be in this bowl next year, if not in a more prestigious one within a day or two’s drive.

So far, App State is taking North Texas to the woodshed in the inaugural game in Conway, which is also the first bowl game of the season. 35-14. Mountaineers at halftime.

Corrected. Thanks!

What a sham and embarrassment pitting North Texas with a losing record overall and in conference against a strong Appalachian team. Not a contest. No way NorthTexas should have gone to a bowl.

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North Texas players dropping like flies. This seems wrong. They were already thin and now they have kids sustaining serious injuries. QB has been hit hard twice.