Name Confusion Log

Good grief. It’s only taking 77 years and counting to make the change.

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Is Bonnie on record anywhere about her thoughts on the name change? I’m guessing she was very ok with the unc.

I cant remember if I’ve posted this already. This is in the cantina 1511 bathroom. The struggle has been going on 15+ years.


clt says this is on the CBJ home page, UNC architecture school

Looks like there are new rumblings just beginning at UTSA. This is behind a paywall, but made it to facebook.

For anyone who does have access - what are they considering changing it to?

Judging by the facebook comments, I don’t know if they said to what, but the comments had “University of San Antonio” and “San Antonio University”. I also judged by the comments that we are the “conference foe” they referenced.

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clt says lots of “unc”

So I guess it’s a matter of time before someone with an AR-15 claims it’s part of their religion. And for some it really is. :flushed:

This is either incredibly ignorant or one of the poorest jokes of all time.

Stay tuned and do some research in your spare time.

Here’s what espnu has on the spectrum schedule.

How ridiculous

Last night on the stats from the game, they were using CSU for us up until about half time. On the radio broadcast, Matt even mentioned that their stat sheet given to them had us listed as CSU.

Late on this but…

Source: Biff Poggi, Jim Harbaugh’s right-hand man, named next Charlotte coach -

I’m pretty old school, but I’m now ready to join the University of Charlotte crowd, once and for all. We are too big and successful as a university for our students and alums to have to continually answer the sincere question, “Now, is that the one….?”
University of Charlotte for EVERYTHING!

  1. UNC economist says a recession is unlikely in 2023
    uptown charlotte skyline seen from Romare Bearden Park

Photo: Katie Peralta Soloff/Axios

UNC Charlotte economist John Connaughton doesn’t anticipate a recession in 2023, despite ongoing headwinds such as the war in Ukraine and inflation.

It’s hard to visualize a recession when unemployment is this low,” Connaughton said during an economic forecast presentation last week.

North Carolina bucked national economic trends this year, including with its gross domestic product growth, Connaughton noted.

  • U.S. GDP declined 1.6% in the first quarter and 0.6% in the second; North Carolina GDP increased 2.8% in the first quarter and decreased 0.4% in the second.

By the numbers: North Carolina is expected to add 72,800 net new jobs in 2023, per Connaughton.

  • The state is expected to end 2022 with a 3.6% unemployment rate, down from 3.9% at the start of the year.
  • Connaughton predicts the state’s jobless rate will rise slightly to 3.9% in 2023.
  • North Carolina’s inflation-adjusted GDP is expected to increase by 1.2% over the 2022 level.

Yes, but: Connaughton does foresee “some ups and some downs in some sectors.” Transportation and retail trade, for instance, could grow slower than other sectors such as agriculture.


This alone should be enough for a rename.

How long must this go on?!?!?!?

I mean seriously.

And the more I think about this, I think charlotte University would have less risk of name confusion.

Get the C at the front. Get it right out there.

Abbreviation CU.

Hard to confuse with UNC.

And we have precedent. We were charlotte college. The natural evolution is charlotte university


According to the guy giving the MBB top 25 scores at the bottom of the hour on CBS Sports Radio (WFNZ in CLT), FAU beat Charleston today!