Name Confusion Log

Good grief. It’s only taking 77 years and counting to make the change.

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Is Bonnie on record anywhere about her thoughts on the name change? I’m guessing she was very ok with the unc.

I cant remember if I’ve posted this already. This is in the cantina 1511 bathroom. The struggle has been going on 15+ years.


clt says this is on the CBJ home page, UNC architecture school

Looks like there are new rumblings just beginning at UTSA. This is behind a paywall, but made it to facebook.

For anyone who does have access - what are they considering changing it to?

Judging by the facebook comments, I don’t know if they said to what, but the comments had “University of San Antonio” and “San Antonio University”. I also judged by the comments that we are the “conference foe” they referenced.

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