NASCAR/Coca-Cola 600

Just saw a post on the UNC Charlotte Instagram account. We’ve got two alumni racing Saturday in the Xfinity race. Even more surprising/awesome is the post said 15% of NASCAR engineers are graduates from our motor sports program. I knew we had an awesome program but didn’t realize we had cranked out that many graduates (and obviously very qualified) already.

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clt many appy grads will be there as well. Someone has to grill hot dogs.


Lots of our grads in F1 and Indy cars also.

Are our F1 grads all at Haas, or have some gone overseas to Silverstone?

Bad look.

Couldn’t happen to a better guy. I wish the France family would lower their asking price so that they can get a buyer and move on.

clt says he should have Danica Patrick as his DD

They would have crashed into another car after running the stop sign if that were the case.