Nate Davis - draft discussion

Senior Bowl practices ramp up this week with the game on Saturday. I haven’t seen much written on Davis as we did with Ogunjobi, which doesn’t surprise me since Larry was high on boards prior to the Senior Bowl and Combine.

Hopefully Nate acquits himself well this week. He is on the North team, which is being coached by Jon Gruden and his Raiders staff. I imagine Nate is a day three pick at this point.

The North QB’s feature Drew Lock, Daniel Jones, Ryan Finley and Trace McSorley. Scouts and GM’s will be watching the North QB battle closely.

I figured I would start a thread for this in case Nate gets any positive press.

North roster:

I read somewhere that Nate was a fringe top 100 prospect and might get drafted in the 6-7th round.

he’s got the size to be on teams radar. Hope he kicks some ass

I’ve seen his name pop up a good amount on Twitter as an underrated prospect. Everyone is saying his footwork needs improvement but he could be a starter if cleans that up.

He will need to have a perfect pro day on campus or wherever it is this year. These senior bowls are great but there are so many prospects their it’s impossible to watch them all at the same time.

I like that these minor league associations are popping up to give fringe guys a chance if they aren’t drafted or signed as an undrafted free agent.

The o’s story about this in the paper does not mention Nate, but the on line version does have an afterthought mention. Last night’s WCNC sports failed to mention our man too, but didn’t omit other area players in this game. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Twitter is a great medium to let these sportscasters know about your displeasure.

Observer guy goofed:


Yea I’m sure it was just “left out by mistake”. Ridiculous

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I’ve seen Nate get a lot of positive press on the Twitter over the last couple of days. He’s had some bad plays, which will happen. But, it seems there are more good than bad.

Some links:

Nate’s stock going up

From The Observer:

Former Charlotte 49er Nate Davis capped off a solid week of practice for the North squad. He measured well at Tuesday’s weigh-in at 6-foot-3, 317 pounds and showed off some impressive strength against large-conference talent. One assistant coach I spoke with said Davis not only has a place in the league but also has the talent and versatility to play either guard spot. We’ll have more on him in the coming days.

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More praise for Nate Davis from the Houston Texans’ official website:

“21. Charlotte produced interior defensive star Larry Ogunjobi two years ago and the 49ers are at it again with offensive lineman Nate Davis (6-3 ⅜, 317 lb.). I mean, he’s built like a brick house and the huge neck roll is the perfect accompaniment for a guy with loads of power and strength. On one pass rush rep, a defensive lineman tried to bull rush Davis and got nothing and nowhere. Davis played right tackle at Charlotte, but out of necessity. He’ll be an interior player going forward and will one day be a starting guard in this league.”


Looks like I will get to add to my 49er drafted player jersey collection.


Based on everything I’ve read this week, I think it’s a safe bet he gets drafted. The only question now is if he’s a day two or three pick. I thought coming in he was a 5th/6th rounder but after a solid week I think he could creep into the third and no later than the fourth. Would really like the Panthers to snag him since they need interior lineman. He’d have a shot to start at LG immediately. He played mostly at LG this week.


clt looks forward to Larry going up against Nate on a Sunday night. Oooohh Sunday night

Anyone see Nate so far? Anything to report?

I think he’s looking good. No stunting is allowed, so he is pretty much killing the guy on the other side of the line.
He has been pulling and making good blocks to get people loose.

The guys in the booth love him and a future in the league is a given to them.

This time a month ago I would have thought he was a nda that made a roster. Now I’m thinking he gets drafted (I’d guess 5-7 round).
He doesn’t have Larry’s upside, but he could make a living for a while playing football.


I’d guess 4th round, maybe 5th.

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