Nate Davis to the Titans


Elated for Nate and happy for this program. Go Niner’s :call_me_hand:t4:


Wish he was a Panther, but hope he kills it in Nashville… missed it on the broadcast, so if anyone has a video link please post it!

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82nd pick is looking at 3.8 million in total value with damn near a million dollar signing bonus… awesome for Nate and his family


He’ll be playing against the Panthers at Bank of America on November 3rd!


Glad to see the program putting people in the NFL. Not a huge Titans fan, but I’ll be cheering for Nate.

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Who cares about money. Putting our place on the map

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clt says only Charlotte and NCSU are producing NFL talent in NC.


Wait a minute, are you saying that Junior DB Clifton Duck from App State, left the best team in the universe early and has not been drafted? How is that possible? Doesn’t the NFL know how good the Appys are?


clt says appys days of producing nfl talent were brief and done

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clt asks who will have the first Davis titans jersey?

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Nate Davis


Everything you need to know about our current place in the non-P5 universe

# of players drafted
AAC - 11
C-USA - 6
MEAC - 2
Sun Belt - 1

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Mountain West and MAC had no one?


clt says that has to be a typo, appy had 12 first rounders


Yes, they had draftees. I just don’t think they impact our world and recruiting as much. Here is the list.


Here’s the video if you missed it.


Nate is named as the sleeper pick of the draft by the Titans in this piece.

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