NBA and NBAPL voting to lower draft age from 19 to 18

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Why I voted yes.

This will hopefully reduce the number of one and done players in college basketball.

I have no issue with a one and done who simply exceeds expectations and finds themselves unexpectedly in a draft position.

What I’m not a fan of is the player who has absolutely no intention of playing for more than one year and presumably making no significant progress toward a degree.


If I was still a fan of the NBA I would hate this. Since I quit watching the NBA this has no bearing on me and helps the college game.

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Teams will be even more gambling on unproven players with the hopes they pan out.

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I’m a huge NBA fan. I think the league is better placed to absorb high schoolers with the G league affiliates. From a development standpoint. You will see a lot of high schoolers get picked in the 1st round and play most of the season in the G league.

So winners here are college basketball and the G league.

Likely overall neutral for the NBA. The cream will rise to the top.

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