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Riddle me this. Could both the Celtics and Cavs come out ahead here if they now traded Brown or Tatum for Donovan Mitchell?

The theory is to get more talent out of the SF role and into a true guard role (I know Brown plays a guard on TV but he’s a SF. That’s for the Celtics.

For the Cavs you reset the clock on a max player that won’t leave (rumor being that Donovan doesn’t want to stay in Cleveland long term) and get more talent out of the backcourt and into a top level wing.


Gastonia native and one time Niner recruit who played collegiately at Marshall for one season before turning pro:

Just going to put this here. Let the Lebron vs MJ debate begin.


It’s a mystery alrght.

What a joke. One more to add to the pile to what is the nba.

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Im curious to hear what that verbal bronny contract ends up being negotiated by Lebron.

Does he still have the option to go back to school? If so I expect that.

I don’t think anyone will draft him without a verbal commitment from LeBron to come to their team as a free agent and he’s not able to legally negotiate that unless he declines his player option with the Lakers and I’ll be shocked if that happens.

The other option is the lakers use a second round pick to draft him to appease LeBron.

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Actually, Lakers could just sign him as a UDFA as well.

Yes. And perhaps that’s most likely with him getting a two way or G league contract.

I just don’t see LeBron leaving the Lakers and I don’t think anyone’s going to waste a pick on Bronny.

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Nobody is going to pick Brody to get a 40 yr old LBJ. His best days are well behind him.

And yet here we are with quite a bit of sports chatter etc centering on LBJ’s mid-first quarter sideline appearance during the Cavs vs Celtics game last night and speculation on whether or not he’s contemplating a return “home” to end his career. Don’t expect that to happen but who knows.

Anyway, his stats this season:

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