NBA proposed changes etc



There is no reason guys like Zion should be playing in college and risking injury when they could be making millions.

You only get one shot at being in your athletic prime, you can always go back to college.


He doesn’t have to go to college. He could go overseas and making a living for 1 year before entering draft.

While I don’t agree with Mike DeCourcy on the minimum age for eligibility for the NBA Draft, etc, he is correct that the time spent at Duke has greatly increased Williamson’s pro value.

I’m not really concerned about Zion getting injured but I do think the age limit has made a mockery of college basketball with these one & doners. Let them go right out of high school and let’s get back to having true student athletes playing the game. If they go to college they should stay at least 2 or 3 years unless they have some kind of hardship that requires them to support their families. At that point if their basketball careers don’t work out they should be very close to earning a degree.

Why should they be forced to stay 2-3 years? I understand the sentiment, and it seems to work for baseball.

But if you are going to school to prepare for the workforce, why should you be forced to stay if you can go ahead and have a successful career?

I 100% agree though that the game needs to ditch these one-and-doners. If an NBA wants to draft a guy, let 'em!

Players who are not good enough to go straight to the NBA but have no interest in a college degree have the option of the D league. There’s really no way to force them to stay but they should at least go to college with the intention of being a student.

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That’s great so everyone not watching pro ball won’t see this kid play coupled with further erosion of the college game. Great news.

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I don’t watch college ball to look at guys that are one and done anyway. Forcing guys to the college game creates academic fraud issues.


“One and done” and fraud are mutually exclusive. UNCCh had 4 year guys that never went to a class…

The MLB model to me is the best. I hope this is what the NBA is essentially moving to. It’s best for the NBA and college basketball, and of course the players. If they want to get paid, get your signing bonus and go to the G-League. If you want exposure and the college experience, then do that for at least 3 years.

If the NBA really cares about the G-League succeeding and being viable, this model will help it as well. They’ll get some of these young kids who aren’t quite ready for the NBA to help up the G-League attendance in each city. Would also be nice if the NBA increased the draft to 4-5 rounds with the age minimum change and once their is a G-League affiliate for every NBA team (27 currently).

It would make the pro game better as well. Imagine how many guys that finally made it to the major leagues would have washed out or never made it had it not been for the minor leagues.