NBA Summer League 2022

Pierria Henry is listed on the Washington Wizards roster for the NBA summer league.

Jon Davis is not listed but not all the rosters look complete.


According to a report I found online, PH was signed with Fenarbace in Turkey and had a good year, but used an NBA pursuit option to opt out of his contract next year to take this opportunity. Good luck to him!


Looks like PH will play tonight at 6:00 on ESPN2.


I am still surprised PH isn’t in the NBA. I’m certainly not the authority or anything like it, but he always seemed to have the I’m the man l factor to make it.

Same. From the breadcrumbs I’ve gathered over the years he was close to just signing a minimum deal with an unknown team but it fell through. My gut says he can contribute to an NBA team especially on the defensive end.

Based on his age this might be Henry’s last shot at the NBA. I hope he does well and gets a shot with a team. He has had a good career overseas.


It’s def about just getting that chance. We have all seen players in the nba where it makes you wonder how that dude is on the team.