NC High School Athletics

Why ruin Just college sports let’s just go ahead and destroy all of it.

clt says myers park and hough going to be good.

How do these NIL deals get structured for high school students under 18? You can’t sign a contract as a minor.

Is it just paid out as a non binding agreement?

Is it a job like working at the supermarket?

What do they do for kids under 16?

Hollywood has all this worked out so I suppose it’s all possible just curious.

I just can’t imagine high school athletes having an agent looking out for them like in Hollywood though.

This is kind of insane.

Remember the days when dudes would go through a full season of football practice and activities knowing they had almost zero chance of actually seeing the field? all that effort, sweat and pain just to earn a letter.

6 of the 8 teams competing for a state championship in lacrosse this weekend are private/charter. That seems about right with the advantages they have.

Lacrosse is a niche sport. Most schools with district lines (aka school system schools) would naturally find it hard to field a full team, much less a decent one. Makes sense schools that can recruit would be destinations for kids wanting to play such a relatively rare sport.

I refer y’all to George Carland on lacrosse

clt says good luck making the golf team at myers park or hough

Kind of like “UNC Charlotte is a commuter school”. For many in the metro areas and close to the coast its far from niche. 22 public school teams in Wake Co alone. Several new teams added from fringe metro areas this past spring.

But, it’s still not as popular as something like Softball, which is almost universal at almost all NC High Schools. And thus my point, that it makes sense schools that can recruit lacrosse players to them tend to do better. Is that wrong? Is there a shit-ton of School System Schools that have developed Lacrosse programs in NC over the last 20 odd years and these privates and charters are just that much better because of money? It may be a growing sport but it’s not at saturation point yet. So naturally, good players that want to win will go to schools that win if they have the option (see most College Sports).

Maybe it is just where I live but I’m pretty surprised to see how many kids are playing in lacrosse leagues. Kind of what soccer was when I was a kid.

The 1A and 2A finals for all sports except football are dominated by the charter / private schools. Even basketball has become that way. Glad they are being bumped up one classification in 2025. Rules are just not the same and it is not a level playing field. Most niche sports usually require more financial support from parents which is a positive for charter / private schools. Hell my kids play tennis in the Spring and club fees, lessons, clinics all cost $$. Not a lot of pick up tennis matches going off and usually s membership is required for decent playing courts.

Speaking of rich kid sports, East Surry won the 2A title in golf and their best player is a frosh. Won medalist at 15 yrs old. Impressive

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Not wrong for private/charter schools to recruit and to compete at the highest level they can. Athletes should use that choice if they want. It is not fair to rack up state championships against schools with student populations restricted by county school districts (which seem to fluctuate every few years). Just different rules and it has nothing to do with how many kids participate.

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4A medalist (in playoff) was also a 9th grader from Apex Friendship. Seems like some pressure for those kids to repeat.

Combine located in Lincolnton and Moravian in Hickory.

I occasionally drive by Combine Academy. That place looks so sketchy.