NC High School Athletics

This will probably only matter to those of you with kids playing sports, but is a pretty big deal and could shake some things up.

clt says it is absurd that we dont host NC HS championships on campus


The Charter schools need to be made tp pliay up. Get them out of 1A 2A classification. Public schools sometimes can not pull a kid 3 miles from the school but Charter schools can pull kids 25 minutes away. Not faiir to the lower classification.

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It’s all based on school size, and there’s plenty of traditional HS’s that “recruit” out of their district too. Isn’t that right South Pointer (aka NWA)? :wink:

Were they still doing that 4AA, 4A, 3AA…1AA, 1A thing for football?

Is it going to be 7A to 1A now?

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They stopped the AA and A championships either last year or the year before. I thought it was so stupid having 2 state champs in 1 classification. Agree they needed to expand but 5 classifications is enough.

FWIW, Lake Norman Charter School in Huntersville is 3A.

High school playoff money. Schools want to host games and get another round of cash. That’s what AA/A was about, and apparently they figured out they miss the money.

Look at the final 4 in most sports in 1A 2A. It is all Charter and private schools. I understand the attendance requirements but most 1A 2A schools are small rural communities that do not recruit. Hell their players also get recruited to 3A 4A schools. You know the line. If you want to be seen you need to move up to 3A 4A against real competition. My brothers kids go to Lincoln Charter. They have kids that drive up from Soth Charlotte to play sports. Community School of Davidson had over 1100 waiting list when we checked in on it 15 years ago unless you played sports. If you can recruit athletes from over a 4 county area you need to be at least in a 3A conference IMO.

I’ll disagree. That’s not all Charter schools. Trust me. There are handful of Charter schools that recruit kids to the program (I’m still trying to figure out how - it should violate their charters and their required lottery style admission systems) and then others that go by the book. The 1A/2A ranks where my kids play are very uneven. We all hate “those” schools. It’s no fun getting run off the field / court 900-0. But if you make ALL the 1A/2A charters play 3A or 4A, it’s gonna be like that for them every night instead of just a few times a season. Brutal.

By the way, if you think Community School of Davidson is bad, let me introduce you to Pine Lake Prep. At least Lake Norman Charter plays 3A.

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Yeah. Got accepted to Pine Lake Prep but turned it down. Not a good fit is nicest way to say it. Lol. Kinda like when I drive down to The Pointe to visit some friends and an alarm system goes off to make them aware " my kind" is around the premises.

They all assume I am with the NASCAR crowd.

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I guess it is all the same at the end of the day. Some schools no matter what will play the game to win at all cost. I do have bias because of Pine Lake Prep, Community School. and a few out of Raleigh that just flaunt their system. It always hurts a rural community that has a group of athletes that come together every 20 years or so and have a special season to be shot down by the system/ recruiting schools.

I feel what you are saying. My son’s team made the state semifinals recently and we had to travel out to a rural community and beat them to advance that far. The opposing fans were so bad that the ref had to stop the game multiple times and threaten them with a forfeit.

I was sitting amongst them early on for some reason and I heard them jawing. Lots of sentiment that my son’s team was one of those fancy charters that recruit players. Couldn’t be further from the truth. They have historically sucked, but they have a couple of super talented brothers going through school the last couple of years plus one or two other unusually good players that all live close by the school, and they made all the difference.

But yeah the schools you mentioned somehow recruit like hell. Then again, so do the private schools. That used to be the giant bitch about Charlotte Catholic, Christian, Providence Say, etc etc. And then the old school 4A powers did it too. First it was West Charlotte in the 80s, then Independence in the 90s, and so on.

I will say it’s getting very tough to compete with catholic private school Cardinal Gibbons (Raleigh) in any sport. They aren’t winning every state title but they are in the conversation for most sports.

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I’m go even farther TSD. I think charter schools should play in there own classification and let them sort it out


NCHSSA just voted to expand the classifications to 7 divisions in 2025 with a cap of 64 teams. Classifications would be based off of daily average attendance. There is also this bylaw waiting to be determined. > SB 636, which, among other things, would move charter and parochial schools up a class no matter the average attendance.

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How will this affect a school like Charlotte Catholic? Since they have the smallest enrollment of any 4A HS in NC

This scenario has them in the 5A class with an ADM of 1208.

Going to put this here: