Nc state has horrible backstabbing fans

look at states board they want to give their tickets to tar heel fans, how quickly will they turn on a coach, herb won coach of the year last season, and now this. Could anyone ever see it suggested that we give our tickets to cincy fans?
Would other coaches not look at that and say hey they could turn on me after a good year too. It looks like job security at nc state would not be very good.


I have numerous friends that are state fans. Beleive me, they didn’t quickly turn on Herb. They have been on his a$$ for years. Last year, they were all disapointed b/c that would insure that he would be there at least a little longer. He didn’t get a whole lot of praise after last year, and most predicted it would be back to the same old herb come this year, and they were correct.

They also hate it when you mention certain 97-73 victories in the RBC center.