NCAA 09 online dynasty for 360

I just got this game today and was thinking about seeing if anyone from on here wanted to get together and do a dynasty online. let me know if you do.

bump. anyone interested?

[QUOTE=CharlotteLacrosse16;330874]bump. anyone interested?[/QUOTE]

maybe… I do love that game

bump. anyone interested?

I am probably going to get the game tomorrow, if I do get it I would be up for it.

Last chance to join in. PM me your gamertag and team(s) of choice. Hopefully I’ll get it started by the end of the week.

My gamertag is TheLax16

I’d like to get at least one more player in. We have 3 total right now, myself, shagg49er, and Charlottefan49.

In like a couple weeks I could!

In like a couple weeks I could!
Im pretty sure you can add/drop people as the dynasty is going.

Currently we have:
Me: #20 BYU Cougars
Charlottefan24: #23 Oregon Ducks
shagg49er: #22 Alabama Crimson Tide
49timesthelovin: #5 Florida

Make sure you have the named rosters. I got mine from the EA Locker of : EArosters com (with the space), or you can get them from me, TheLax16

Invites are currently being sent out. If you aren’t listed and would like to join, PM me your gamertag and team(s) of choice

First seasons schedule’s will be kept as is, after that you have to play at least one other person, preferably everyone if your schedule allows it.

Settings will be default to start out with, we can change them later, i think.

We have 2 more who have expressed interest in joining the dynasty in the future, bringing our total to 5 players. Anyone else? Anyone at all?

I’ll run with UF.

Currently in the middle of week 5. Everyone has moved up in ranking and is undefeated.

#3 Florida (49timesthelovin)
#15 Alabama (shagg49er)
#17 BYU (me)
#18 Oregon (charlottefan49)

Current deadline for this week to proceed is saturday at 11:59pm, unless everyone is done with their game/recruiting before that.

If you have the game and are interested, let me know(PM me your gamertag and team(s)). You can pick any team from the Big 10, Big 12, Big East, Sun Belt, WAC, MAC, MWC, Pac10, and ACC. I’m limiting it to 2 teams per conference, preferably in different divisions(if available).

Invites are first come, first served.

clt would like to join, but doesn’t understand how to log on to the internets.

  1. Have an xbox 360.
  2. Have an Xbox Live Gold membership.
  3. Own NCAA 09.
  4. PM me your gamertag and team(s) of choice.
  5. In the game, go to XBOX LIVE on the menu.
  6. Go to DYNASTY.
  7. Once a part of a Dynasty, go to CONTINUE DYNASTY.
  8. Play like normal.

We’re down to three people. If anyone wants to join, please let me know.

There seems to be a renewed interest in Live lately. If anyone is interested in joining our dynasty, let me know. PM me with your team(s) of choice and your Gamertag.

If NCAA Hoops 09 has the Online Dynasty feature, I will probably be running one for that as well.