NCAA approves 4-game redshirt rule for football



It’ll be interesting to see how Lambert leverages this for the Fall. He generally RS’s everyone he can.


I’m sure, like every other decision he makes, he’ll leverage it in the worst possible way to lead to the worst possible results.


I actually think he’ll be more agressive this year, I’m sure he knows his ass is on the hot seat with a new sheriff in town. Mike has made it clear that winning means something these days.


Maybe…maybe not.
Ask the softball coach.

It appears she is still safe…615-676 in 24 years…finished 18-32 (9-15 in Conference)…and didn’t qualify for the Conference Tourney we were hosting.

24 years of mediocrity + a HUGE bust of a season = job security

So…maybe Lambert survives…he’s certainly following the DeVos script for 49er coaching longevity (except for the nepotism part).


As a guest I try not to be a jerk on here but ask honest questions and give honest opinions without being a troll. But this made me chuckle. I enjoy self deprecating humor.


I think you have to give Hill a chance to do his thing. If he came in and let go the Men’s Basketball staff, the Football staff, and the Softball staff in the first week–which many of us thought would have been a good start–I am not sure head coaches would be sending in their resumes. His priorities seem to be right so far. Basketball immediately, Football is on the hot seat, and set expectations for next year for the minor sports. I see no way Coach Devos can turn her program around and save her job. She is basically Barney in the Slap Bet episode of How I Met Your Mother.


We don’t have a lot this season that hasn’t already red shirted.