NCAA graduation rates

The NCAA has released its yearly report on D1 grad rates. In true NCAA form…they use some screwed up method to determine these numbers and they differ greatly from the Federal numbers. Anyway…the numbers dont look great for Charlotte.

Teams of note in Bball

Charlotte: NCAA rate is 40% Federal rate is 50%

Cincy: NCAA rate is 46% Federal rate is 29 percent (why is there such a big difference?)

Memphis: NCAA rate is 36% Federal Rate is 25 percent

GW: NCAA rate is 70 % Federal rate is 58%

Xavier: NCAA rate 83% Federal rate is 67%

Louisville: NCAA rate is 33% Fed rate is 22%

Davidson: NCAA rate is 92% Fed rate is 75%

It is intersting that we are one of the few Universties that I found that had a worse % under the NCAA rate than under the Fed rate. What was going on around 1996 to 1999 that made our score so low?

I personally like how Tennis, Softball and Volleyball all show 100 GSR, but as low as 54 on Federal Average. Also, this is cummulative from 1996-1999. I thought I had heard that Lutz has put out higher rates in the last few years.