NCAA Tournament Location

I had to get rid of that C-USA Tournament poll. :frowning:

Assuming we do not play in Charlotte, how far are you willing to travel to see the Niners in the NCAA Tournament? You may choose up to 3 answers. Distances listed are from Charlotte.

Please state if you do in fact plan on attending, regardless of our seeding or if you’ll only be attending if at a convenient location.

Poll will appear on homepage so please vote.

Travelling 100s of miles to see Charlotte lose to Creighton? Maybe.

I’m off, & was going to drive or fly to any destination, but after the Memphis game, it’s 3 straight of double-digit losses & no effort, now I won’t travel beyond my couch.


If it wasn’t for that joke of a holiday (come on what the heck is so good about it, the Lord Died) I wouldn’t have a test this Friday and therefore I could travel to Nashville for our first round game.


ugh i’m going any where with the team rocking it out with our cocks out pep band represent

I’m walking straight to my couch…

If we play in Nashville I would think about it. But I don’t know, I would rather just stay on my couch at this point.