NCAA Tournament Who You Got?

Been cheering on Boise St tonight but they look like they are going to come up just short.

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MW has really crapped out the past two NCAATs in spite of very good back-to-back regular season showings - 0-4 last year and 1-3 so far this week.

Anyway, see that Sasser is playing tonight so Houston back to full strength.

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clt says bilas had zona winning it all

I hate to admit this but my final four consisted of UCLA, Arizona, Marquette, and Miami, and Arizona gets ousted by Princeton, and I had them losing in the championship game to UCLA, Marquette is my dark horse, and Miami is a question mark due to the injury to Norchad Omier, if he is healthy I think Miami can do some damage

I have Duke beating Purdue in a rematch, had Arizona beating Alabama, have Miami beating Houston, and UCLA beating Kansas, so I did not have any number one seeds advancing to the final four

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clt asks if you are pulling for houston?

I have Chapel Hill winning it all.

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Are they in our region ? :smirk: