NCAA Tournament Who You Got?

My Final Four


Texas defeats Purdue

I was lazy this year. Just picked the top four seeds for the final four and bama winning the championship.

What is this “NCAA Tournament” you speak of? Sounds interesting. Can Charlotte pay it’s way into it?

Yes, it’ll just cost a buyout and enough annually to hire a real coach. We keep trying to fly first class with an Amtrak budget.

Sounds too expensive for us. Better stick to CBI.

I remember when the soda companies used to have a contest where you collected tops with NCAA tournament teams names on them and won prizes based on how they finished. I used to buy mountain dews until I had a 49er cap.

That was 20 years ago. Now they wouldn’t even bother printing our name.

UCONN over Duke.
Purdue’s guards will be their downfall

Billy Packer lives on!

I have no idea who is any good in college basketball anymore. I only begrudgingly watch Charlotte games.

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I also remember sitting at the bar the entire opening day, or Friday if that was our game day. All day long. And I was so into it I could give you at least a cliff notes breakdown of almost every team, off the top of my head.

I think the last time I did that was probably around 2010 or so. Spent the whole day right smack in the middle of the bar at Picasso’s on East Blvd.

Problem was, we weren’t in the dance. And it ruined it for me. Each year it lost a little more of its magic til it was almost gone. I can’t even remember exactly how it felt to be that excited about it anymore. To have that much of a rooting interest.


I watched on of our NCAA appearances at that Picassos. I watched the NC State one on Kings.

In 2005?? I thought the Kings street location closed before that.

I think I met Jimmy T at that location. Dude handed me a beer before I could even sit down.

It was open because i met a friend that was a state guy there. Unless I’m just getting to old and remember totally wrong which could honestly be the case.

I used to love this time of year.

Charlotte basketball has effectively ruined it for me. Haven’t filled out a bracket the last 5 years. My kids wanted to this year, so I did. Hardly watch any basketball anymore.
I have Baylor, Tennessee, Indiana, UConn in the Final 4 and Indiana winning it all. :man_shrugging:

Also, watched several CUSA tourney and NCAA Tourney games in the Pics on East. I was watching there the day the music died. Tried to go back to work afterwards but had to go home sick.

Me too my friend, me too. College basketball is my number one sports love but it’s been absolutely brutal. I can’t pick another team so it’s just been grin and bear it for almost half of my life now and virtually all of my adult life.

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Did my first bracket this year for probably the last 10 years. I figured I can’t wait for us to be back in it anymore. So, placed a wager with the kids and wife that whoever wins gets to pick a family activity for the day and everyone else has to be all in.


That’s a cool bet. I’m gonna do it retroactively.


And the first game is Jahmir Young vs Bob Huggins.

Sad Anthony Anderson GIF


clt has houston