For al you other science and nature buffs like me, yo may want to check this Comet NEOWISE Delights at Dawn - Sky & Telescope - Sky & Telescope

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Been trying to see it in the early mornings for a week with no luck. Hopefully will be able to see it now that will be visible in the early evenings and with the Big Dipper as a point of reference.

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clt says you can faintly see uranus.

Went out a little earlier this morning for my run and think I saw it but need to do some checking up on that. Definitely going to go out in the evening and use Ursa Major as a reference point.

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Does it have a ring around it?

Speaking of rings reminds me of seeing Saturn through a telescope for the first time during my childhood. That image has stuck with me all these years later.

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If you cannot see Uranus, you can use your sniffer

More celestial phenomena:

Tried to see the comet last night, but couldn’t find it, I think due to the lingering sunset this far north (also couldn’t keep the kids up late enough to wait for it). Hopefully we’ll have another clear night sometime soon, it’s been clouds and more clouds for a couple weeks.

But did see Jupiter, and it really is impressively bright. At first I thought it might be an approaching plane, until it didn’t move for a while. Pretty cool. Antares also looked nice right across from it, beautiful red colors.

Got out early this morning for my run but too cloudy to see much of anything save the moon. Anyway, this weekend’s offering:

Never saw it while it was visible in this area. Too cloudy and too much ground light to see it.