NET now is the gospel in NCAA seeding

As soon as Mid Majors figured out how to schedule to offset the power conference bias in RPI, it was deemphasized, then ignored.

Now they have a new mousetrap to exclude the mid majors: NET

Watch Belmont get hosed.

When I saw that EKU (ex-Niner Cooper Robb had 9 pts) had beaten Belmont, I did a double take. Didn’t realize at the time that the Bruins were without their best player when the Colonels snapped their 30 game OVC winning streak.

Anyway, Forde is probably correct that only way Belmont gets invited to the Big Dance is by winning the OVC tournament.

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If the number of upsets in this year’s tournament isn’t an indictment of NET ratings, I don’t know what is.

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It’s an also indictment of the NCAAT Selection Committee for underseeding #10 Loyola of Chicago.

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That blows a complete hole in my argument @run49er

You were very polite about it. Thanks.

Point conceded.

They were the better team from start to finish today too. Nothing flukey (if that’s a word) about that win.

NET is trumped by old nuns praying.

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Tweeted in-game: