New AVC for University Comms hired

Responsible for for communications and branding.

clt says to do list:

name change and rebrand

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While I want to say this is a massively important hire, Dubois is a road block on anything every happening regarding the name change.

That said, I hope she “gets it”.

Yes. I hope she actually learns our real true story and when she tells it, she gets it right with facts and feeling.

It seems odd to me that this position reports to Niles Sorensen, who leads the University Foundation. I would have thought this work would align with Elizabeth Harden, VC for Business Affairs. Hardin has Christy Jackson, Division Director of Communications in her organization.

One possible explanation is that Dubois puts things in the Foundation when he wants to go around the BOG, like the new hotel. He is a wascally wabbit!

Advancement and Foundation used to be separate. When Dunn left, they merged them (over Niles’ objections).

Niles is Vice Chancellor for Advancement, the Foundation is only part of his responsibilities.

OK, so maybe Dubois is not that wascally after all.