New Bowl in Myrtle Beach

CUSA, MAC, and Sun Belt involved.

They will be printing money in years when ODU, App, GSU, GaSo, Marshall, or any of us close to dirty myrtle are bowl eligible.

Would be a GREAT idea for us to pursue moving forward. I know the belk game is already in CLT, but I bet they wouldn’t mind a lower profile game as well. Would help us get the stadium expanded in a hurry.

For fans it sure beats Hawaii and the Bahamas for most of our leagues.


clt says lots of golf down there

Agreed I know ya’ll are against bus leagues but we should be all for bowl games that people can afford to attend. I’m not really into driving to out west or flying to some islands to watch college football. I like it but not quite that much and I speak for the majority of fans.


Thread started last June.

I hate MB but I’ll happily drive down there for some bowl wins!

Seems like a great idea.


There are many retirees from the midwest around Myrtle Beach. The MAC schools will draw well at this bowl.

I haven’t been to Myrtle Beach in over 20 years, but this seems great. Unless we are going to one of the CFP bowls then I would rather be able to drive, and I am sure I can find just as much to do in MB, as I could in Shreveport or Ft Worth. And nothing could be worse than Nassau. Count me in when our next coach gets us there.

You can always stay at another beach in the area and drive into Conway for the game. Technically you never have to set foot in MB.

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