New Corporate Sponsor - Fifth Third Bank

I think it’s great that Fifth Third Bank has stepped up and become the official bank of the Charlotte 49ers. I work for Fifth Third Bank as a Dealer Services Sales Rep in Charlotte and I know the bank is looking to expand their footprint and exposure in the NC market.

The timing is perfect for both the school and the bank to partner up together.

As a Dealer Services rep…I just wanted to remind you all that there is another way you can make an impact in supporting our new bank partner. Not just with your checking accts, savings accts and personal loan needs…but the next time you go into a dealership to purchase and finance a car…request, or better yet demand that the dealership sets up your financing through Fifth Third Bank.

Trust me…nearly every single dealership from Winston Salem to Fort Mill is signed up with Fifth Third dealer services and this is another great way to show your support for the new corporate partner.

All you gotta do is ask!!!

How about a corporate name change? The fraction nomenclature just doesn’t work. The first time I heard the arena name in Cincy called that I thought it was the intersection of the streets it was located at. Seriously, Fifth Third? It wasn’t a good idea for a name in 1908, and it’s still not in 2011. If they try to buy naming rights to our football stadium, they have to pay double before we let them call our stadium by that name. ;D


id rather it be Bank of America. but im biased because i bank with them :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a press release on this?

Lack of originality is the culprit…when the Fifth National Bank and Third National Bank merge…apparently that is what you get.