New Deputy Athletic Director Scott Kull

Has experience with fundraising and capital projects at TCU, USF (snort) and most recently, Utah.

Recognized as a “Power Player” by the Sports Business Journal in 2019, he has served in similar roles at the University of Utah, South Florida and TCU during his 30-year career in intercollegiate athletics. Gifted in both fundraising and external operations, Kull will oversee the department’s external units as well as development and will have sport supervision duties.

“Scott is an immense talent who will make a powerful impact on our program,” said 49ers’ Director of Athletics Mike Hill. “His fundraising acumen, cutting-edge revenue strategies and strong athletic administrative experience come at the perfect time as we continue our ascent into the American Athletic Conference. We could not be more excited to have a person of his caliber join our team.”


Wow not one response. This was supposed to be a really big announcement today. He is taking Fuller’s place I believe.

This is the guy that needs to bring the stadium expansion home. Super important to us.


I’ve been reading up on him. He definitely seems to have some accomplishments within facilities fundraising, He is Fuller’s replacement.

clt was hoping for lutz

First, Welcome.

Second, Where’s the damn money for stadium expansion?

Harsh, but, to be fair, completely accurate.

Sounds like a good addition. Would really like to know what happened with Fuller but I guess we never will. Maybe this change helps kickstart fundraising and we find out we are much better off with the new guy.

Mr. Kull. There is a shit ton of money in Charlotte. It is probably one of the most fertile areas you have ever worked in. Please go fucking get it and bring it home. Signed, Concerned.


I don’t think there was anything wrong with Fuller, sounded like he decided he was ready to retire from athletics/go into the private sector. I actually really liked Fuller, he was very open to suggestions.


Yeah you’re probably right. He was probably just ready for a change.

I find that hard to believe


If that’s the case he should have done a better job helping Mike hire winning coaches & then he could have earned a raise

With $27M+ in subsidies to athletics, we are going to be in the red for some time. Probably always.

That was quick. I think he was here 8 months?

Announcement of Charlotte hiring was June 1st of last year.

clt says that is ok, you don’t want to hire folks that no one else wants

Decided to merge the news about Kull’s departure to Wofford with the original thread about his hire by Charlotte.

8 months. Wonder why he left after such a short time to go to……wofford?

Deputy AD for External Affairs to just plain AD sounds like a step up? He has gone from being an officer to running his own show?

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