New handle.. sorry

Hey guys,
Some stuff happened and my NNN acct was deleted and I have new one. If you do not notice me by the speedos, I swam and all. My name is Trey Vestal, and I graduated in 2011.


Welcome back

Not positive I want to recognize your speedoos, but glad to have you back. Thrash-on!

Welcome back! What do you think of the new brand?

Welcome back Trey! I think that Charleston basketball classic was first time I met you.


The brand is needed and it looks fresh for younger eyes. However, it is now easier for me to design shirts for my wife lol. Im ok with the block C except it should be a little slimmer so it dont look like it was lost from the Avengers props. Also CLT is a nice add and nod to the airport (if that was their intention to include city elements), but i see annoying college students with smart mouth (like us back in the day) using CLiT a lot. So overall meh for now, just clean up the block C.