I have a new Playstation 2 that I won from CAB at a campout back in December in that NCAA March Madness 2006 tournament which I won :clap::clap::clap::clap:. But the problem is I dont play Playstation so I will offer it up to the best offer I dont expect much but I have an idea of what it’s worth so hit me up with a few offers guys

It’s the new slim version if that helps to persuade you to buy it :wow:

I won this tourney and I dont even play the Playstation. My Gaming skills are on a whole nother level.

20 bucks



Best offer right now is $80

I see how it is…

my money isn’t good enough for you!

haha it’s good just need more of it :slight_smile:


people aren’t you interested.

The 360 is out and the PS3 will be out late this year/early next year. Not many people are going to be willing to spend much on a machine that is near the end of its life.

put it up on ebay or something…