New minor league baseball pace of play rules

Among the new rules instituted for 2018 are a 15-second pitch clock when bases are empty in AA and AAA and during extra innings the batting team will automatically begin with a runner on second at all levels. Hmm…

It’s funny you posted this because I just got home from the extra innings Asheville Tourists vs Columbia Fireflies game. It was weird seeing the inning start with a guy on second. I’m ok with the rule, though. It’s minor league baseball…

I can understand it since the big league teams probably don’t want to tax any of their prospects’ arms by being forced into throwing in extra innings on short rest or a similar situation. The Winston Salem Dash game I went to last night also featured this new rule which resulted in the runner that was gifted second eventually stealing home to win.

I don’t mind the pitch clock; however, I’m no fan of the player starting on second base in extra innings.

clt doesn’t approve. millennials are ruining everything.

The rules are fine for minor league baseball but not for meaningful games. Every minor league game is pretty much an exhibition game and their goal is player development, not winning games.

^Agreed 100%. I am a staunch baseball purist, and these rules don’t bother me one bit. If this ever happened with MLB, college, or high school, I’d have a problem with it, but Minor League baseball is a whole different animal.