New Niner Gear

clt sees 32 items online at dick’s

Not trying to be a cheapskate, but it’s not only easier to find other schools’ gear, but it’s also easier to find it at reasonable prices. We might see more 9ers gear out in the community if a damn t-shirt didn’t cost a hundred bucks. Quality is great, but when it comes to getting your logo recognized, quantity isn’t bad either.

I like t-shirts with a small logo embroidered on the left chest as opposed to a 10" logo in the middle of the shirt. I would like to see a khaki colored hat with a green logo too.



Next you’ll ask for a 500 foot yacht with a helicopter pad.

Is this problem tied to the bookstore or our AD? It can’t be the fans, no way UNCW has more of an actual demand than our fanbase/alumni. My wife made a comment to me she couldn’t find anything with Charlotte stuff on it as an easy Christmas gift. I think she meant a nice polo specifically, but I immediately thought of this thread and our limited options.


My opinion, even Judy hated this arrangement, but couldn’t do anything about it. The previous administration didn’t care enough to fix it and B&N doesn’t give a shit about our merch issues outside of wanting it as icing for their cake, because their primary goal is to sell overpriced books.

They care just enough about controlling our merch to demand it as part of the deal but not enough to sell it past the bookstore door.

Sometimes Normmm has trouble separating clt’s sarcasm with truth. If true, then perhaps this should fall under the name confusion log. When I filter Fan shop>Shop by school>Charlotte 49ers, all I get in the results is a hat.

clt just searched for Charlotte 49ers at the top

As long as we make excuses for the AD, make the bookstore the boogeyman, this won’t change. Somewhere between low demand because of a decade of poor performance, poor and overpriced offerings compared to our peer institutions, and a lack of pushing our gear out is where the truth lies.

If there was quality gear available at the prices other schools gear costs, it would sell.


Ok, then yeah, this probably falls under name confusion because only one item pulls up when you search under “Fan shop”. I can’t prove it, but my guess is some script in the background uses UNC-Charlotte.

Agreed. Frate makes some nice designs and quality shirts. I reached out to him a while back and he just printed one of these larger logos as a smaller chest logo for me. Never hurts to ask

$10.99 at the Mooresville Costco


They have some hoodies too, but wasn’t a fan

It’s unfortunate they seem to only offer our gear in seasonal styles our normal weather doesn’t support. I struggle to find days cold enough for my long sleeve t-shirt, much less a beanie and a sweat shirt.

November football games.

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Lol. I think that’s more of a you problem than a Costco problem. Perfectly reasonable to be selling hoodies and beanies in December.


I’m hoping to make a trip to Iceland this summer. So, I plan to get some use out of it in June :cold_face:

Stopped by Academy in Concord recently and they have a few more new logo items.


Really like the grey trucker

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Stumbled across some interesting 49er gear…