Bookstore - The thread that proves our bookstore is more expensive AND BONUS: Unlimited Use 20% coupon

Well guys, I finally snapped. I’ve been holding some things back about the bookstore, and they made me just mad enough to share them.

If you go there, and download the app, you get a 20% off coupon good for any item. The problem is, at our bookstore, they don’t scan the coupon. Therefore, you can use it as many times as you want. I have used my personal coupon multiple times. Don’t pay full price to a company that’s taking advantage of us.

I also sent them an email about inventory online not matching inventory in store. I got crickets. I then went in and spoke to them about it. They told me it would take “too much work.”

It’s not athletic’s fault anymore. It’s the barnes and noble agreement. So I give you all my spreadsheet. Pass it to whoever needs to see it.


Spreadsheet proving the “UNCC markup” we have all alleged for so long

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Have you shared this with Hill? Might be nice to have more voices with the information.

Been saying this for years. B&N does NOT care about Charlotte. They are beholden to shareholders. They do bare minimum. I’m sure any “special” orders were at the behest of Athletics. Like Club Lit shirts. The staff at the bookstore has zero say. They just open/close that store. Buying decisions are corporate.

I live out of state and have complained a lot about online inventory. It’s a joke. They just kick the can down the road. The fact that Mike Hill addressed this in his letter to fans/alumni/students is because he knows it’s crap. I hope the lack of merchandise is due to a complete rebrand happening next summer.

UNC Charlotte simply wants a guaranteed check each year from B&N. Athletics should break completely from the B&N and go Fanatics. In the meantime, keep hitting up Hill and Fuller. They will address it.

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Went there last night to get some bowl shirts. Everything in there is ridiculously overpriced. The merchandise is better than it has been in the past, but you have to take out a loan to buy anything there. Now that Grays is gone, they pretty much have a monopoly.