New niner times sports editor

Searched the niner times (school paper) this morning on twitter and saw that there is a new sports editor, replacing Libby Weihsman from last year. He says he was a basketball manager for 2 years, which should make for some interesting reporting. Twitter handle is @Alex_ninertimes for anyone interested. Libby provided some good reporting last year, hopefully Alex does this year

He should have co-sports editor in his bio, because it looks like Matt Chapman is also sports editor (@based_MC). I’ve followed Matt for a long time. Seems to do decent work, but is a Tar Hole fan. And I reserve judgement on Libby - so why should we care who the editor is of the student newspaper? :))

Alex’s favorite words are UNCC bball, UNCC 49ers and UNC Charlotte athletics. …love when our own sports editor can’t get it right

If you know someone is a bigger fan of another school and is the Sports editor of the Charlotte paper, send an email to the school to complain about it.

The school can’t do anything about that.

Then I say give up.