New Women's Sports

Has there been any mention of what sports we are going to be adding?

What is the timeline on the new women’s sports we will be adding?

I think it was 2016, 2019, & probably 2022. The sports were field hockey, lacrosse, & probably swimming & diving.


Since we’re into diversity now, let’s get a fisting team for the lesbians. :))

[quote=“CharSFNiners, post:3, topic:23715”]Scissoring?



Not Funny!



As soon as I saw the title of this thread, I knew it would go downhill fast.

We have some seriously disturbing people on this board.

just remember…split-tails read this board too. and they know who you are. :-X

Dubois needs to be reading the name confusion log.

Dubois needs to be reading the name confusion log.[/quote]
No kidding!

If we had a hair and clothing style team, I hope Judy isn’t the coach.