Next Chair

I am surprised no one has mentioned this yet. What an awesome way to get exposure of our campus to other ADs and coaches.


Saw that on Facebook. Sounds like an awesome recurring event that will bring influential people to our campus.

This is great, and doing something on equal footing with an SEC powerhouse is a huge step forward. Lots of up and coming coaches are going to visit our campus and meet Mike Hill. He will need to make more hires in the future, and hosting this will pay dividends.


Also a great opportunity to showcase our campus to other athletic departments that could help vote us in to a better conference one day.


clt says hill is moving the pieces to get us in the SEC

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There will be a lot of golf carts providing tours those days.

clt says this is another example of how we are setting our program up for future success.

at this point, it is basically us and duke basketball in the state of nc. Duke bball is trending down tho

Until Ron Sanchez, I thought “Next Chair” was our philosophy for finding new basketball coaches

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Appy is going to be looking for a new coach soon if they can find the money. Perhaps they should consider coming to the national epicenter of up-and-coming coaches to look for one. Does Next Chair have a bargain section?

clt wonders what appy will do. they cannot afford to buyout their current coach, and the program is already falling apart.