NFL news (non-Panthers)

She seems like one of the least fun people to hang out with I can imagine.

And yet she and Haley Williams are still best buds.

To put things in perspective on the popularity of the NFL vs college football, viewership for Texas at Bama was almost 9M. (Of course, I realize that MNF didn’t have any head-to-head competition.)

So in 14 years viewership only increased 3.9% while the US population increased 9.3%. Viewership as a percentage of the US population actually declined. You can always spin numbers to get to the point you want to make.

Actually, only point trying to make is to show the chasm between viewership for the NFL and college football. Would say pro and college, but that line has been crossed and no going back. Anyway, just find it interesting that most viewed NFL game has twice as many eyeballs as the college one - still aware that we’re talking about 32 NFL teams vs 130+ FBS.

clt says football ratings will be up during the strike

The NFL is popular awright.

Note: you’ll enjoy Kristin’s performance more after a couple of Bud Lights.


Charlotte FC players (and fans) approve.

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clt says ban domes and turf!

Almost $53 Million per year, GUARANTEED.

Bunch of crazy people and I’ll bet alcohol was involved. I have been a Dolphins fan my whole life and tomorrow I am going to see my brother in law in Boston who has been a Pats fan his whole life. I have a buddy who lives in Buffalo and has been a Bills fan his whole life. People need to understand that this is just a game where people get paid big dollars by us to play. Respect your fellow brother no matter who they are fans of. Senseless and stupid.

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