NFL news (non-Panthers)

So he gave up being married to one of the hottest women alive for one shitty season with the Bucs?


No way she’s one of the hottest woman alive. I just don’t see it. To each their own but in the hottest world alive argument i don’t think she’s even in the conversation.

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“elbows are way too sharp”


In all seriousness, are we talking 90s-00s Gisele? Or current? She is still high tier either way, but like the rest of us, she is getting older.

I am still kinda stunned that Brady gave up his marriage for a shitty season with the Bucs.

We are getting off Panthers topic, but still curious what your top 3 or 5 is then… some guys like them a little “thicker” :joy: :rofl:

OK OK OK Maybe not THE hottest woman alive as thats a very subjective statement but shes top shelf.

I thought we had a Non-Panther NFL news thread but I got too lazy to look.

Also, I’m gonna be the “I don’t like them that thick” guy. Someone has to do it.

I bet there is more to their split than just him playing football. Most men have careers. She married a NFL QB and knew that going into the marriage. The NFL season and training are only July through February. Men should pursue excellence which is what Tom Brady did.

As a Panthers fan I’m glad he is retiring and out of our way.

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Never got the impression that Brady was cheating on her. He made it pretty clear what his priorities were when he retired and then unretired this time last year.

Anyway, agree that it’ll be nice not having to face him anymore.

Glad he’s retiring so doesn’t wind up at Las Vegas

He may be retiring, but he’s not gonna go away :cry:


Yep. Retiring from the gridiron but still in the stadium. Won’t be surprised to see make him an appearance on FOX during the Super Bowl.

Brady as a color commentator will be very good or very bad. If he’s very bad, he will fit right in.

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Tom can go out today and snag another supermodel. He’ll be fine.

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Probably shag one too.

Anyway, Kraft wants Brady to retire as a Patriot:

  • crowd noise
  • announcers
  • mute
  • dua lipa

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It was unwatchable. I turned it off and watched a movie. I cannot believe so many people would show up to watch that sham.

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clt had the afc, cash money!